Der Berliner Salon

Anne Bernecker

"Reuse, Reinvent, Revive: The humble beauty of the past is reclaimed, reinvented by merging with luxurious craftsmanship and revived to create unique, one-of-a-kind garments."

"There are so many clothes in circuit already and I want to celebrate the existing. Every style of the collection is based on a vintage garment, which already has a story to tell, and I am giving another lease of life by adding high-end, hand embroidered embellishment. As I believe in non-seasonal clothes and as each style of the collection is limited, I develop new ideas and styles continuously. For the new styles I wanted to start exploring tailoring, to add a more elegant angle to the collection."

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Antonia Schreiter

"Antonia Schreiter is a fashion label based in Berlin. It works with high quality materials by focussing on the past of the menswear tailoring and the history of the garment production and translating it into a contemporary context. Grown up in Berlin, the young designer includes opposing impressions from the youth culture to the punk scene up to the still accompanying tradition of older generations, uniting diverse cultural dimensions, art forms and styles. Thereby the focus is always on a high handcrafted standard in manufacturing and a playful use of colors, materials and details."

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Assembled Half

Assembled Half means the creation of a new image from combining different things that look contradictory like old and new, hard and soft, and ugly and pretty.

"The collection was inspired by my personal memories and emotions from childhood. I think everyone has lots of curiosity and secrets when young, and at the same time a dark, heavy side too. Youth constantly stimulate my imagination as if it were a multi-layered mixture with angels and monsters."

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"We believe the way how we source our textiles and how we produce our fashion is important to really set a statement. Fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry and we need to act now -Because there is no planet B!- Right from the start, our mission is to reduce textile waste by using what is already there (i.e. leftover textiles and fabrics) and giving them a new purpose. This is Upcycling. Our design philosophy, inspired by the circularity principles, is: 'Think before design'. AVENIR stands for future and the start of a sustainable fashion industry in which the customer constantly consumes quality and unique clothing in a conscious manner."

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BOBKOVA offers its own idea for casual clothes. The designer creates "things that are relevant regardless of time and situation." The iconic brand items distinguish Japanese cut discipline.

"Woman is the center of attention in BOBKOVA’s new collection. For the Ukrainian designer, it’s the women who are the custodians and transmitters of her national culture, especially at this moment of turbulence. Her personal story is not an exclusion: having found a refuge in Germany, her country of adoption after the beginning of war, Kristina Bobkova is sharing her Ukrainian heritage and aesthetics and prepares to show her already second collection at the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2023."

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Christian Metzner Brandenburg

"Christian Metzner is characterized by a timeless, clear design, whose formal rigor is always broken with pleasure. Through subtle, imaginative details and an unusual choice of materials for the hand-made products, the Brandenburg designer plays with the ambiguity of his hometown."

Christian Metzner established his eponymous studio 2006. The young label is characterized by a timeless, clear design, whose formal rigor is always broken with pleasure. Through subtle, imaginative details and an unusual choice of materials for the hand-made products, the Brandenburg designer plays with the ambiguity of his hometown. Metzner, who studied architecture and product design in Potsdam, worked with Saskia and Stefan Diez in Munich. In 2012, his diploma thesis followed in cooperation with Bree. Philipp Bree then took him to the design team of his new brand PB 0110. Shortly thereafter, Metzner began his postgraduate studies in garment technology at the HTW Berlin.

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Dennis Chuene

"Dennis Chuene is a symphony of craftsmanship tangled in strings of detail, with a firm focus on self expression and social commentary through clothing."

Founded in 2008 by South african born designer, Dennis Chuene - formerly known as Vernac. Dennis Chuene is a Berlin based brand, built to inspire creativity, further the industry and push the unique and timeless craft of One of One products, craftmanship, limited edition pieces and design.

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Diehm Bespoke

"True style always originates in a tension field between discipline and easyness. Hence, our models are precisely cut, softly tailored, and emphasise the organic connection of all elements. Nothing is exaggerated, but every line a clear statement. Therefore, a BESPOKE DESIGN suit is a much higher-than-average expression of masculine elegance."

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DZHUS is a Ukrainian conceptual brand internationally known for its multi-purpose outfits, made of cruelty-free materials. Designer Irina Dzhus’ pattern-making innovations help minimise physical shopping and create a versatile yet sustainable wardrobe from a few transformable garments. Since the war began, DZHUS has relocated to the EU and has been donating 30% of its profit to charities.

The 'PSEUDO' concept refers to illusion as the fundamental notion of the metamodernism culture. Duality and hidden senses are undividable from DZHUS design itself, offering numerous metamorphoses of clothing and accessories, and clothing into accessories. In theseunified wardrobe items, duplicity is materialised literally, and the extra content is physically unveiled, as the pieces are transformed either when delaminated, or once their inside is extracted. The silhouettes are exaggeratedly structured, and the styles divide into two directions: abstract-escapist ‘cocoons’ versus markedly classic pieces, concealing a potential for radical reincarnations. The drop is produced using cruelty-free materials only, according to DZHUS’ values.

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Fade Out Label

"FADE OUT LABEL is showcasting jacquard fabrics, applications and embroideries on jeans. The texture of different denim fabrics and oversized volumes. All strictly upcycling and sustainable."


Jacquard fabrics, Applications and Embroideries on Jeans. The texture of different denim fabrics and the oversized volumes. All strictly Upcycling and Sustainable.

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"The collection is based on the idea of someone searching and finding its own identity. With everything that is going on in the industry right now, we kept thinking about ourselves our role within the industry. Short, our IDENTITY. What is identity and how does it define you? How many can you have?"

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Fiona Bennett

"We need less but with more creative possibilities to celebrate ones visible personality. That's why our new hat styles can each create up to 6 unique looks for different occasions. As always the new collection combines finest craftsmanship with function."

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Hap Ceramics

"At the interface between design, art and craftsmanship, HAP CERAMICS creates functional ceramic objects with one common ground: an intense haptic experience - that is created through the use of special glazes or forms."

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Horror Vacui

"Folding and pleating combined with embroidery and cutting techniques, inspired by traditional tracht craftsmanship come together to form multidimensional ornamentation."

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Jean Gritsfeldt

"We are starting a movement. Designing a better future.It is the message of celebrating life, freedom of choice, lightnessand some playfulness. No planet – no party. We create our products with smart technology and use as many sustainable and recyclable elements as possible. The result is a thoughtful collection of everyday party wardrobe. With Jean Gritsfeldt you can make sustainable choices without compromising on style."

This year, the designer's 'space' collection has the romantic title "We are hostages of the constellations: the beginning of the world." It is dedicated to dreamers and tells the story of the universe and the 12 zodiac signs. “We are convinced that each of us, in spite of astrological forecasts, chooses for himself which vector to build his own life and mood,” notes Jean Gritsfeldt. The collection features space prints, recycled plastic accessories, favorite designer sequins and images of the most charismatic alien of all time - Alpha. The Jean Gritsfeldt collection was created in collaboration with stylist Nazar Didyk.

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Julia Leifert

The brand stands for a mindful elegance and subtle femininity. It creates fashion for women using it as a language to express their inner self and to go ahead, to pave new paths. To create balance in our world with feminine awareness and self-esteem.

"A book that was very poetically about the cycle of life and its rhythms inspired the SS23 collection. It was important to me to create clothes that give us strength for the tasks that lie ahead, without losing lightness, our very own grace and true femininity. Aesthetics evolve from what we experience. I believe this season we will rediscover many things in life and learn to enjoy them. We perceive ourselves and our time in a new way, feel the spirit of the times without losing sight of the future."

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Juliana Maurer

"Juliana Maurer pushes against increasing alienation from nature with Stena, a hand-blown glass carafe which makes use of the thermal function of soapstone. Rough, unworked stone juxtaposes fragile-looking glass to make the carafe a sculptural event even when empty. Every piece is handmade and unique."

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Karen Jessen

"Karen Jessen continues creating her unique wearable art collection, focusing on upcycled material. In her work, she deploys her tailoring skills and her rebellious aesthetic, giving old material new life."

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KONRAD, founded by Konrad Huber, is a Munich-based brand that combines unique – sometimes bold and colorful – prints with timeless designs based on sustainable materials and manufactured in high quality.

"KONRAD is driven by passion, fantasy, ethics and friendship with significant people in my life who push me to take risks and explore new directions – friends who constantly contribute and inspire my daily and creative life. "I see my designs as an ongoing journey that is rather written in chapters than collections, adding new impressions and ideas to my personal universe along the way. There is nothing more wonderful than jumping into the ocean for a swim. I am dreaming to get to Hawaii one day and experience the Ocean there. This collection is inspired by Hawaiian Prints and my own interpretation of that topic. Silhouettes continue to be relaxed and oversized with an option to wear most of the pieces in the collection on the reversed – more subtle – side, too. I keep on working on a signature idea, without being trendy. That‘s why I always repeat prints in the seasons in new colourways. For me, fashion is confidence and self-identity, imagination and fantasy, comfort and joy, with a focus on craftsmanship, fabric, fit and wearability."

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Lani Lees

Founded in 2016, LANI LEES is a platform for responsible jewelry design, content creation and creative direction. Focusing on authenticity, responsibility and unity - LANI LEES aims to move and to unite people all around the world.

"Our concept is about having one classic jewelry collection, our BASIC COLLECTION: timeless, unisex, responisble. Creating classic items—such as the LANI LEES basic collection, an unchanging assortment of timeless pieces—the brand endeavours to inspire customers to have a deeper connection with jewelry: to see it as something that can be passed down generations rather than bought and discarded in line with passing trends, seasons, and sales. The design of the basic collection is inspired by my roots and personal identity, as well as on timeless classic jewelry pieces, for everyday."

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LITKOVSKA is a Ukrainian womenswear brand founded by designer Lilia Litkovska in 2009. Being the 4th generation of family who created clothes, Lilia has always seen it her mission to preserve this profession and the crafts surrounding it. With her namesake brand she unveils the way traditions could be integrated in a modern context and is committed to working in an ethical and sustainable way. Known for her taste for bold shapes, refined tailoring and intricate craftsmanship, LITKOVSKA explores the idea of contemporary dressing through sleek yet quirky silhouettes and edgy yet fluid designs. Deconstructing the very concept of modernity through tailoring and a bold touch, she offers a radically realistic wardrobe for today’s woman who is free to be both fragile and fierce. With a subtle yet pulsating sensuality seamlessly sewn into every garment, Litkovska creates a unique relationship between a woman and her clothing.

"The young Ukrainian nation going through its adolescence and fighting for its freedom, is still in its «Spring» years, which became a core of the collection’s concept. Spring, which might have been stolen from us physically by gruesome full-scale war, is yet to come and blossom brighter. So we celebrate our strength and beauty which are impossible to be taken away."

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LML Studio

LML studio was born from the desire to reveal the craft and beauty in existing clothes by re-tailoring them and hand painting them into unique pieces. LML keeps sustainability and craft as its core by solely using existing fabrics and knitting by hand recycled and organic yarns. Moving towards a luxury ready-to-wear line, it now crafts a full line of new classics made from recycled fabrics into new designs. Inclusive in its cast and team members, LML stands for the tolerance of queer values and the respect of all races and gender by displaying the harmony in the beauty of differences.

The many facets of Berlin has in its tailored history has inspired this collection. Contemplation and meditation towards the focusing on self has inspired drawing forces into the elegance of today.

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Maryam Keyhani

"I just make hats how l imagine them."

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One of the original founders of MYKITA, Moritz Krueger was 24 when the company was establishedin 2003. He has since been in charge of the creative direction of the Berlin-based brand and leading the company’s commercial expansion. With an unconventional mindset and the confidence to pursue original ideas, he was able to carve out a unique position for MYKITA in the world of eyewear and design and attract a team of like-minded individuals in the process.

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New Tendency

NEW TENDENCY is a Berlin-based design studio that applies Modernist design principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday. In Bauhaus tradition, NEW TENDENCY creates products characterized by conceptual design, clean aesthetics and functional form, handcrafted in Germany.

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With their label ODEEH Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlichstand for a now rare atelier tradition since 2008. ODEEH isthe result of the designer duo’s pursuit of perfection andpassion for their collection. Always creating a tension between colors, patterns and extreme silhouettes. Always Brave. Creative. Eclectic.

ODEEH SPRING 23 was initially inspired by a naively drawn world map, meant to be hung in a nursery or school. An ideal world through the eyes of a child ...

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"OFTT is a sustainable collection of clothes you wear often with conscious designs made to last. Each product is made in Portugal with sustainable fabrics and manufacturing techniques focused on mindful consumption."

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PB 0110

"For 10 years, the founder of the PB 0110 label, Philipp Bree, has been pursuing his idea of 'Beloved Objects' with the aim that objects in daily use develop individuality, gain beauty and character. In this way, they grow in our hearts and are sustainable in the best sense of the word, because they stay."

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Philip Rudjeanski of Atelier Balagans


"In trying to recognize and capture the unexpected beauty of going wrong within the experiment we look for the emotional value, respect for the craft, and courage to create in new ways."

Attempting to plan the unpredictable down to the smallest detail and at the same time capturing the beauty of »going wrong«.

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Rianna + Nina

RIANNA + NINA is a luxury label that stands for extraordinary one-of-a-kind designs, love for treasure-hunted vintage fabrics, expert craftsmanship, colorful prints and a quality of detail that is beyond compare. Founded by two women, Rianna Kounou and Nina Knaudt, from a shared love of vintage, art, and collectors’ pieces, RIANNA + NINA is a realization of their common dream. RIANNA + NINA brings never-before-seen designs to people who are tired of mass market luxury and desire elegant, high-end, color-rich looks.

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Richert Beil

"Jale Richert and Michele Beil challenge classic notions of beauty, gender roles and elegance. With Richert Beil they create inclusive collections which break with societal expectations of fashion and deconstruct stereotypical ideals and generalized or gendered aesthetics."

Richert Beil collections are a constant work in progress. The inclusive collection deconstructs fashion and gender to reshape general aesthetics and ideals. It is combining feminin and masculine presenting pieces as well as non-gender-defined styles in one collection. Jale Richert and Michele Beil take elements, which are usually bound to a specific gender and put them in a different, redefined context to break societal expectations. These elements can be more subtle such as deconstructing the way of how to wear a suit or shirt. But they might also appear in a more controversial way, when the two designers use their inspirations, such as lingerie and vintage men's underwear details and sportswear elements and put them in a new, boundary pushing context.

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Rita in Palma

"Rita in Palma’s handcrafted accessories are developed in corporation with women from Turkey, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Kosovo in Berlin. The women’s superior artistic skills, boasting inordinately complex crochet techniques, have been cultivated over several generations. This allows us the production of artistically crafted works and simultaneously permits these women entry into the workforce. Unique jewels, like collars, colliers, bowties and exclusive silk scarves mesmerize with the high quality of handcrafted execution and sophisticated designs.

Our collections are always inspired by our crochet queens themselves and their complex life stories. Because the composition draws on the shimmer of times gone by, the design and craft awaken yearnings. In particular at a time when the world (of consumption and consumerism) continues to accelerate the increasing social appreciation of sustainability and interpersonal values. We are particularly pleased that accessories are becoming more important and that topics such as diversity and sustainability are becoming increasingly important in our world."

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SEVAR Studios

"SEVAR combines traditional Afghan jewelry craftsmanship with timeless design and a sustainable purpose. The label's goal is to train young Afghan women to become goldsmiths, allowing them to achieve financial independence and shape their own future."

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"At SF1OG we create unique one-off pieces as well as small serial productions which can be worn by any gender for any occasion. The materials we use are sustainable, which means they are either recycled or recyclable. What does that mean? We live in a world full of already existing clothes, most of them being "waste". Using waste to create something new is the best way to give a piece of clothing a reason to be made. Sometimes however, the material needed to make a piece is just not available in any second-hand resource. Then it is important to look out for the fabric you are buying. We try to only use fabrics wich are 'pure', for example consisting of 100% Polyester, because this will make it possible to recycle the item after it's usage. This is important because in the world we live in it's normal to only wear clothes for a certain amount of time. Time is the next thing which has to be considered, we try to construct the pieces in a way that will make them last as long as you need them to, and to avoid more waste we will make sure to help you repair anything you buy from us."

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Société Angelique

"SOCIÉTÉ ANGELIQUE’s sustainability is driven by 4 key values: SUSTAINABILITY in harmony between a good PRICE, QUALITY and CONCEPT TRANSPARENCY throughout all the stages from design through to the customer. Each garment has a QR code generated and allocated, showing the customer where the garment is made, the origin of the fabric, who has made it and which (natural based) accessories it will contain. DARLING PIECES, which one can take out of their wardrobe year after year and restyle them differently – a new consciousness for quality. We encourage our customer to buy less, invest in a better quality, keep the pieces in your wardrobe, and style them differently.

For Prefall 23/24 collection, we wanted to explore the transitional phase of Liminality. The status of transitioning between two collections have always intrigued us, the work with the base, the former collection, separating from it, keeping its core values, though moving to the next state is a highly creative, mesmerizing process, in which our minds are open to explore the transitional process of crossing boundaries and borders. Art is a wonderful pathfinder and inspiration to move over the threshold, which separates one collection from the other. Liminality, the space, and time between the 'what was' and the 'next' is literally the inspiration for the Prefall 23 collection of Société Angelique. The artists Louise Bourgois, Georg Baselitz as well as Lynette Yiadom Boakye helped us finding the inspirational, transitionary path to the next collection. For the first time we have developed our prints with AI."

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Stiebich & Rieth

"STIEBICH & RIETH stands for entirely handcrafted bags in the finest tradition of workmanship. Clear shapes with a modern and strict visual grammar are the brands signature style."

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Studio 163

STUDIO 163 was founded in 2016 by Barbara Klara Giandomenico. Passionate about unique design and conscious fashion, the designer’s maxim is to offer finest cashmere pieces, produced fair trade, in best quality. The looks are favorite pieces with classic potential, which at the same time, reflect the fashionable zeitgeist. Defined by the brand’s strong simplistic signature design with attention to detail and refined color palettes, the collections cover men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, accessories and leather pieces.

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Susumu Ai

"SUSUMU Al is a Japanese - German family fusion brand that offers a range of clothes and accessories for everyone. Besides the main collections, we also provide seasonless basic products for your daily wardrobe. Our design is contemporary yet traditional, modern yet timeless.

We only make your clothes by order in Berlin and use carefully selected sustainable high-quality fabrics sourced entirely from Japan."

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"Our design language is clear, reduced and of functional beauty. The possible applications are as diverse as our customers' furnishing styles. TEBTON® corresponds to a timeless signature that lends our objects a certain naturalness - they belong as if they have always been there."

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The Twins

"TheTwins is a fashion collection that exists twice: Analogue and digital. It creates a virtual-world twin for each unique real world design. The real world items are finely handcrafted from second-life-materials. Their virtual-word twins are minted as NFTs and made visible throughout the metaverse and social channels. Subsequently, the designs will evolve and mutate together with TheTwins-Community."

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Tim Süssbauer


"My work has a strong focus on all sorts of craftsmanship as well as different materials, which have been the main force in the design process/aesthetic from the beginning. The style is a mix between quite minimalistic and clear lines combined with specific details arising from the different techniques I choose to work with. My aim is to design desirable pieces that tell a story, so the wearer builds up a relationship with the garments and values the work and time used to create them. Overall the focus is to create long lasting and sustainable fashion by designing with a clear and timeless vision, producing garments with the highest quality possible and using dead stock and 2nd hand textiles.

The main inspirations were the book 'Retour à Reims' by Didier Eribon, the song 'Smalltown Boy' by Bronski Beat and my child and teenagehood growing up in Bavaria. The collection tells the story of a queer individual transitioning from a rural to a urban environment. It's built up as an evolution, so every look has a specific material/textile which starts with something very natural and ends in the complete opposite, something super artificial/man made, visualizing the urban and rural spirits. I used a lot of references from traditional Bavarian clothing (Tracht) like aprons, bodice pieces etc."

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Valentin Lessner

"Valentin Lessner is nothing if not a product of the Bavarian hinterlands, always in search for a personal and meaningful expression in a contemporary context with the approach of giving back craftsmanship and human made artefacts a more significant meaning in today's fast paced society.

Resurrectio (Ultra Ripam Alpina) is a personal confrontation about my Bavarian roots and my personal tailoring family heritage in a contemporary way. Aesthetically, it reflects more of a visual universe uniting a lot of personal experiences and interests merging into more of an attitude or emotion, pretty much like a metal or hardcore concert in the Bavarian Alps – having on the one hand this romantic love to nature and idyllic kitsch contrasting with the aggressive constant change and adaptation to contemporary progression, leading into a feeling of inner fragmentation between melancholic and nostalgic indulgence about the past and the desire for innovative development and evolution in the present and future."

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Vaust Studio

Vaust is a Berlin-based, award-winning design studio working in the intersection of interior design, object design and creative direction.

"VAUST is working at an intersection in these three fields - creating concepts for spaces, collectable design objects, and brand development. Everything is connected through creativity and it's about building concepts whether it's the connection between a human and an object or space, or human and a brand."

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Working Title

working title was founded in 2018 by fashion designer Antonia Goy and architect Bjoern Kubeja in Berlin. working title designs clothing that is aesthetically and sustainably at the same time. Inspired by art and architecture, the duo's designs are bold and individual: minimalist silhouettes with unmistakable creative elements for modern cosmopolitans.

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